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We offer a wide range of editorial services that can add value to your manuscript and increase your chances of getting published.

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Are you a writer?

Are you writing a book? Do you plan to submit it to literary agents and publishers? Or are you considering the self-publishing route to success? If you're in any of these categories, you have arrived in the right place. We offer help to new authors at every stage of the process, before and after their book is published. We offer a wide range of editorial services that can add value to your manuscript and improve your chances of getting published. If you intend to self-publish, an editor's help is an absolute must before your book is published.

A literary consultant can play a major role in getting a book published. Before submitting your manuscript to an agent or publisher, you might want to get an independent and professional opinion on its worth or you might want to have an insight in the market conditions to see if your project is likely to appeal to agents and publishers, based on what ultimately readers demand.

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What to expect?

By asking an independent editor to assess your manuscript, you give your writing the chance of being recognised for what it's worth. You put a great deal of time and effort into writing a book, so giving it the chance of a professional literary analysis is one option you should seriously consider. You might just be the famous next big thing that all literary agents and publishers are looking for, or you could be just a hard-working aspiring author, prepared to put in any amount of effort in order to improve her or his work. Either way, you can count on us for a high quality, highly personal and very constructive literary critique and an honest opinion on your writing.

If you're stuck with your work and feel that a professional literary analysis and a constructive critique are the only things you need in order to make progress with your project, you're in the right place. Or, if you're fairly happy with your work, but keep getting rejections from literary agents, involving a literary consultant is the right next step to take. Feel free to browse our website for more details on how we can help get your book published or accepted by a literary agency, get in touch and let us know more about you and about your book.

Why us?

We are all professional editors. Unlike other consultancies, we don't work with authors because we believe experienced editors have a unique market awareness. Here, you work with a named editor and you can view his or her progress on your manuscript online from the start within your personal account on our website. You can email your editor personally at any time and you can ask him or her questions following the assessment report. Our biographies and expertise are part of the public domain. We have outstanding feedback from clients: 92% percent of our clients believe our manuscript assessment is very useful and eight percent believe it is useful. How does our literary consultancy work? We start by assessing your manuscript. In our reports, we talk about consistent and compelling characters, flawless story development, a well-knitted plot with no loose ends, a sustained pace, a logical structure with a consistent narrative, all from a deeply market-aware perspective. If we believe your manuscript is outstanding and if we know of an agent or a publisher looking for your type of book, we will discuss our options with you. If we think you need to do some more work on your manuscript, our report will be the in-depth analysis that helps you locate the shortcomings in your writing and increase your chances of getting published.

If you write fiction (commercial and literary fiction, fantasy, science-fiction, thriller, mystery, chick-lit, lad-lit etc), non-fiction (celebrity biographies, women's literature, sports books, self-improvement and self-help books, social sciences, history, health and beauty, everyday psychology, fashion, cookery, religion, gardening, property developing, travelling, journalism, business, success stories, politics, parenting, autobiography and biographies) and children's literature, we will gladly accept your work. However, we do not currently accept poetry, drama, screenplays and academic books.

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