About Us

katie_greenKatie Green works as a copy-editor. Katie worked in publishing for six years and is an experienced fiction editor, specialising in genre fiction with a special interest in crime, women’s fiction and fantasy. After five years working as a literary scout, reading and assessing typescripts across a wide range of fiction with a view to publishing in translation, she left to become a freelance fiction editor, carrying out both structural edits and copy-editing typescripts, working both directly with authors and in conjunction with agencies.

Lorena Goldsmith works as a development editor. Lorena is also the commissioning editor at Aston Bay Press, part of Daniel Goldsmith Associates. Lorena writes a monthly column on self-editing fiction in Writing Magazine and Self-editing Fiction that Sells, published by How to Books. Lorena’s experience includes teaching at postgraduate level and translation.

lorena_goldsmith_smIn addition to Katie and Lorena, we are also working with specialLorena Goldsmithist freelance editors, recognised experts in their fields, for most non-fiction submissions. For prepress services, we work with a very talented team of two cover designers, one experienced typesetter and one industry-acclaimed proofreader.

Who is Daniel? This is a common question with our clients, so it deserves its own place on a page about us. Daniel is Lorena’s son. He was six weeks old when Lorena started the business. She named the business after her son because she started it so she could work from home. Years later, Daniel still plays his own major role in the business. He collects the post, he stamps, he franks and he rides his bike to the post office with his mum twice a week. He gives his opinion on all children’s manuscripts written for his age group we receive. (Note to children’s writers: if you receive a brutally honest report on your manuscript, it wasn’t us.)