About Us

Daniel Goldsmith Associates was founded by Lorena Goldsmith in 2007. Lorena started working in publishing aged eighteen as a translator and has since fulfilled a range of roles from commissioning editor, rights and contracts manager and publisher. Her book, Self-editing Fiction that Sells (Little, Brown, 2013) is a self-help guide on how to improve a manuscript by using tried and tested techniques. 


At DGA, we work with an established team of freelance professional editors, copy-editors, proofreaders, typesetters and cover designers, all with extensive in-house experience at both publishing houses and literary agencies.

Who is Daniel? This is a common question with our clients, so it deserves its own place on a page about us. Daniel is Lorena’s son. He was six weeks old when Lorena started the business in 2007. She named the company after her son because she started it so she could work from home and also because she struggled to think about anything else at the time. Years later, Daniel still plays his own major role in the business, i.e. he gives his opinion on some children’s manuscripts we receive. (Note to children’s writers: if you receive a brutally honest report on your manuscript, it wasn’t us.)