Chinese Whispers by Ray Green

Chinese Whispers

Ray Green

Mainsail Books, 2015

Chuck Kabel is on a business trip to China when he unexpectedly collapses and dies at the airport. The evasiveness of the Chinese authorities raise his boss’s suspicions, back in the UK. It soon becomes clear that there are serious financial irregularities within the Chinese company, and that dark forces are in play, intent on ensuring that these do not come to light. When the MD, Roy Groves, edges closer to uncovering the truth, he is warned off, but refuses to back down. Even though he is battling the notorious Triads, who will stop at nothing. When his opponents target his own family, Roy embarks on a desperate battle to protect them, now well aware that turning to the Police is not an option. Chinese Whispers is a frightening tale of organised crime and the way in which it uses and abuses legitimate business for its own illegal purposes, relentlessly destroying the lives of anyone who stands in their way.

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