Dress Code: Red

Rowena Kitchen

Sunlounger Literature, 2015

Sloane is planning parties with her four best friends so she should be in total and utter heaven as most of their clients have limitless budgets and limited imaginations allowing the girls to create some pretty wonderful events. Suddenly someone is out to ruin their reputation and even better see them dead. Scrabbling to keep ahead of the mayhem means some quick thinking from the fabulous five. The threats begin to get really scary and really real when they are confronted with a murder. Where will it all end? Will the girls ever be able to look at a cupcake ever again? Planning a party does not necessarily mean everything will go to plan. Doing what you love for a living should make each day a joy so why are the girls running scared? As far as Lola knew she had not put murder on the menu for this fabulous summer party. Some say doing everything in high heels is more of a challenge.

Rowena Kitchen: ‘After submitting the manuscript to more agents than I care to remember, one of them suggested using the services of Daniel Goldsmith Associates and I am so glad they did. Lorena read Dress Code: Red and made a comprehensive list of suggestions to better the story and helped me understand ‘point of view’! Lorena pointed out where the story flagged or dragged and suggested giving the main character a fuller relationship with her older sister, which I had only briefly touched on. I took all this on and rewrote it then had it read again. And rewrote it again! Having someone not connected to your work read it and give you a refreshingly honest opinion with no holds barred is a must for any writer whatever stage they are at in their career. I will, of course, be using Daniel Goldsmith Associates for the next book in my series and anything else I write in future.’

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