Self-editing Fiction that Sells

Self-editing Fiction that Sells

Lorena Goldsmith

How to Books, 2013

“Writing fiction is different to editing fiction. Each activity requires a separate frame of mind. Writing is creative thinking, editing is critical thinking. When writing, all you worry about is the narrative flow, not the consistency of point of view or the number of adverbs in your manuscript. Self-editing Fiction that Sells will teach you the necessary frame of mind to set yourself in opposition to your manuscript, as an editor would do, and improve it through structured editing and rewriting.

This book includes intuitive exercises that will help the reader to recognise the bad writing in their script, from unnecessary verbs to ineffective plots, from telling, not showing to dealing with an under-developed villain, and more. It will increase the reader’s market-awareness as a writer looking to get published, in the traditional way or through self-publishing. It will help writers not only to write better fiction, but also to market themselves more effectively to agents, publishers and – ultimately – their readers.” (Publisher’s description)

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