Samples of Manuscript Assessment Reports


This page offers sample excerpts from actual assessment reports we have prepared for clients. Characters’ names and contexts have been changed for confidentiality and copyright reasons. Any quotations and excerpts presented in our reports are for illustration purposes and subject to copyright to the respective authors without exception. No fragment may be reproduced or re-published without prior written permission from Daniel Goldsmith Associates. However, feel free to read the report excerpts for your personal use, by clicking on the links below.

Plot (Genre Fiction)

The management team of a multi-national manufacturing company is preparing a buyout, but there are many who’d rather see this bid fail. The plot premise was very good, but there was much room left for improvement. The author’s rewriting task was made easy by the fact that the potential for development was already in there. The excerpt is an ideal example of how important an editor’s job is. Without an editor’s input, there is always the risk that elusive but precious story potential remains untapped.

• Fiction Manuscript Assessment – Plot Section »

Narrative (Literary Fiction)

One particularly common shortcoming in new fiction writing is the sudden switch of point of view within the same scene between narrators. In this instance, the flaw is easy to fix once the author becomes aware of it.

• Fiction Manuscript Assessment – Narrative Section »

Characterisation (Paranormal Fiction)

It’s frustrating to encounter an underdeveloped character and creative writing’s favourite pet hobby is to talk about “two-dimensional”, “unconvincing” or, frankly, “cardboard” characters that fail to create any empathy with the readers. But how about an overdeveloped character? Is there any point in going on about a minor character’s past for pages and pages? If this past is not relevant to the plot, it’s nothing more than padding out a flimsy story, as in the example below.

• Paranormal Manuscript Assessment – Characterisation Section »

Style (Fantasy Fiction)

Without a doubt, the number one flaw in unedited fiction has to be telling, not showing. In the fragment below we point out how to turn plain, unengaging telling into evocative “word pictures”.

• Fiction Manuscript Assessment – Style Section »

Recommendations to Agents and Publishers

When we encounter an exceptional new writer, we are happy to recommend them to agents and publishers free of charge. Below is a sample of a pitch letter sent to a literary agent recommending an outstanding historical fiction manuscript.

• Literary Agents Sample Pitch Letter »

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