Full Editorial Package for Self-Publishing Authors


If you’re looking to self-publish, Daniel Goldsmith Associates can help you. Not by publishing your book, but by preparing your book professionally ready for print.

By self-publishing, you will join the selected company of authors such as Beatrix Potter, John Grisham, Virginia Woolf, Thomas Hardy, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, Leo Tolstoy and others, who started their writing careers by self-publishing.

We are aware of the industry discrimination between authors published traditionally and self-published authors. By introducing our comprehensive editorial service, we aim to reduce the gap as much as possible.

Our statement is simple, but powerful: we simply want to make the difference between ‘self-published in any way’ and ‘self-published, but edited by Daniel Goldsmith Associates’. In other words, the difference between irresponsible self-publishing and responsibly prepared for print to the highest industry standards.

Our comprehensive editorial package, exclusive to authors who want to take full control of their publishing projects, can take your manuscript from first draft to ready for print in a matter of weeks.

What’s included in the package:

  • Manuscript assessment
  • Manuscript reassessment
  • Copy-editing and proofreading
  • Cover Design
  • Bookblock design
  • Typesetting to ready for print
  • Assigned editor

Manuscript assessment

First we assess your manuscript to give you an honest, market-aware opinion on the marketability of your book. Our knowledge of the UK book market, combined with sales statistics from databases such as Nielsen BookScan, will give us the necessary information about the selling potential of your book. Will it sell? If so, how high is the projected sale figure likely to be?

If we believe there is potential in your book, we will prepare an in-depth report proven to radically improve your manuscript* at the level of structure, content, style and marketability. For more details on manuscript assessment, please see our Services page. To see samples of reports, please visit our Samples page.

If we believe your book is unlikely to sell well, our report will advise accordingly and we will detail the reasons why, as well as offer suggestions on improvement.


From £125

(Please see our Fees page to calculate your own quote)

Manuscript reassessment

The manuscript reassessment is the fine-tuning of your book before the technical work starts. It is usually combined with copy-editing and proofreading to save time.


From £50

(Please see our Fees page to calculate your own quote)

Copy-editing and Proofreading

Having a professionally copy-edited book is vital in order to achieve the full potential of your book. If your book was a gold mine, the copy-editor would be the miner who has to first dig out the waste and low-grade metals in order to expose the gold.

Copy-editing comes with its own mindset, not anybody can do it. Copy-editing is our key service and everything we do revolves around improving the quality of a book beyond the technical aspect of proofreading: we aim for high quality content, able to convince readers it is worth spending the time reading our authors’ books.

What does a copy-editor do?

A copy-editor will correct the grammar, spelling and punctuation throughout the text. He/she will also check for any inconsistencies, any material unsuitable for the targeted audience, the extent of the work, any missing or redundant paragraphs, any lack of narrative flow, any errors in the way the story develops (if fiction), any inappropriate length of sentences and paragraphs, any inconsistencies in style, the accuracy of the timing, locations, the consistency of character building, any legal issues linked to any claims in the text, as well as technical aspects of any illustrations, tables and so on.

What does a proofreader do?

A proofreader reads proofs. When the manuscript is copy-edited, it’s called a copy. Once it’s typeset, it becomes a proof. A proofreader’s task is to check the proof for any grammar, spelling, punctuation and typesetting errors and to ensure that the same style is consistent throughout.


£2.50/page for copy-editing

£2.20/page for proofreading

Cover design

Having a professional cover design for your book costs less than you might expect and, in terms of sales, it definitely costs less than having an awful-looking, free cover template offered by some printers.

Cover design and typesetting are sadly some of the most neglected aspects of self-publishing. Readers do judge a book by its cover. In fact, the cover is the only bait while browsing in a bookshop, as opposed to browsing online, where the title takes the lead. Saying you need a powerful cover is almost an understatement.

When deciding to self-publish, you already have an image in mind of what your book is going to look like. Our illustrators will work with you on a highly personal level to achieve exactly what you want for your cover. Your assigned editor will not approve a cover that looks anything less than what a professional book looks like. We work with state of the art tools and latest editions software to create designs to the printers� specifications.

The process is simple:

We will talk to you extensively on a one-to-one basis about your ideas for the cover. We will offer suggestions. No wizards to complete here, just one-to-one talks and revisions until we find the right solution.

We will offer you three concept designs based on the information received from you.

You choose one concept design.

We develop your choice of concept until we find the right solution: the one you are 100% happy with.

Prices (Up to 20 revisions)

Text only: £450

Text and Illustration: £550

Text and Photograph: £650


It will be difficult to convince nationwide booksellers to stock a book that has a low technical finish. Typesetting errors are the first to spot, when browsing through a book, even before punctuation or spelling errors. Poorly spaced text, crammed-in text and random gaps can create distracting effects in the reading process and give an unprofessional appearance to your book. At £1.20/page, more and more authors can afford to have a professionally typeset text.

The process of typesetting

We discuss with you the options we have: character style, paragraph style, font, page arrangement.

We offer you three concept designs, all based on the information we received from you.

You choose one design concept.

We develop it until you’re 100% happy with the way your bookblock looks and reads.



Table of contents: £150

Index: £250

Assigned editor

When a book is accepted for publication by a traditional publisher, the project is assigned an editor. The editor will supervise the process from start to end, while keeping the author involved all the way. Many self-publishing companies tend to think this is a luxury the author can do without. Irresponsible self-publishing companies publish books in any shape or form to save time and money.

We introduce a named editor for your project to take the responsibility personally for the way your book is prepared for publication. Our professionals have been trained to respect the highest standards and the products they deliver must meet the highest industry standards of quality.

When you entrust us with your manuscript to turn it into a book ready for print, you will be assigned your own editor. The professional editor will be your project manager. He/she will coordinate the process and will ensure the liaison between you and the professionals working on your book: copy-editors, proofreaders, illustrators and typesetters. The assigned editor will work closely and on a personal basis with you to ensure the project meets budget and time limits and the required standards of quality are met.

Your assigned editor will stage the process for you and will help you every step of the way. You will have a direct phone number to call your editor at any stage of the process, and you will be kept updated on the progress of your book by regular email and phone conversations, from manuscript assessment to ready for print.



Case study and cost example: comprehensive editorial service for a 269-page manuscript


*Based on our customer satisfaction survey, carried out in November 2009. Thirty-one out of 32 customers stated that our assessment report improved their work radically. One out of 32 customers stated that our assessment report improved their work fairly.

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