Novel in a Year Mentoring Course

Writing used to be a lonely occupation. Not anymore.

Now you can start writing a novel, from the first paragraph to the last, while working with a professional editor over the course of one year.

Our Novel in a Year course is the equivalent of taking a creative writing course, only with much more in-depth feedback and at a much lower cost.

In twelve monthly sessions, you will be able to submit instalments of up to 10,000 words for your editor to assess as you go. The result will be a completed manuscript of up to 120,000 you’ll be proud of.

For Whom is Novel in a Year?

• New writers looking to start writing their first or next novel in a structured way, with editorial feedback every step of the way.

• Writers who have completed their manuscript, but looking to revise it through structured editing and rewriting, under the guidance of a professional and market-aware editor, replicating the experience you would have with a publisher’s in-house editor.

Here are some of the benefits of writing your novel step by step while working with a professional editor:

• Highly personal, one-to-one feedback from a dedicated professional editor;
• Guaranteed commitment to getting your passion project completed, with monthly deadlines for your submissions;
• An uninterrupted creative flow;
• Instant feedback on the direction of your plot – is it paced well? Does it give enough or too many clues too early or too late in the story?
• Instant feedback on character development – do your characters need more depth? If so, how can you do it for maximum effect? Are any of your characters inconsistent, overdeveloped or underdeveloped? If so, now it’s the time to revise them;
• Instant feedback on writing style – are you telling, not showing? Are your scenes as visual as they should be? Could you use a sharper, more precise verb in a sentence to make it clearer and more concise? Does a metaphor fail to achieve the intended effect? If so, how could you revise it to achieve the intended effect?
• Instant feedback on narrative arc, pace and use of tense, chapter structure and cliffhangers;
• Extensive advice on marketability and industry insights on what the next step is for you, once you have completed your novel;
• Unlimited contact by email with your editor, at your convenience;
• No set start and end dates, each course is individual, meaning you can start working with your editor next week;
• Convenient and easy-to-manage monthly payments of only £199, easy to cancel at any time with no penalties, should you decide working with an editor is not for you or if you complete your novel earlier than the set date;
• A further 10% off when you commission us to copy-edit your completed manuscript;

If your novel is finished in less than twelve months, you can choose to stop the mentoring program at any time.

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