Recommendation to Agents and Publishers

Recommendation to Agents and PublishersIt’s very difficult to find an agent or publisher straight away and it’s even more difficult to find one on your own.

For publishers, taking on a new name is risky and costly. A lot of people write for a living these days, so they tend to write a lot. As far as publishers are concerned, it’s safer to stay with established “brands” than to invest in a new name that might not sell. But that’s what we’re here for. If there is potential in your writing, we’re here to help you convince a good agent your book is worth representing in front of a good publisher, so your books get published and sold. We believe that it can make a difference for an agent to receive your manuscript together with a professional recommendation from a professional literary consultant.

If we believe your book is ready for submission to an agent or publisher, our report will give details on our decision to recommend you. We are an independent literary consultancy, so we won’t privilege any agents or publishers. Our choice will be based exclusively on the profile of the agent or publisher and the quality of your work. We may choose an internationally acclaimed agency or a smaller one. We may choose a large publisher or we may choose a small niche company. One thing is for sure, we will never charge you for this service. To see an example of a pitch letter to a literary agent, please visit our Samples page.

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