Scriptwriting Assessment

Scriptwriting AssessmentSam Snape and Simon Weitzman are the resident experts in our new screenplay assessment service. They have worked in film, TV, theatre and radio.

Sam and Simon have produced for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, HBO, ABC, Miramax, Mercury Bay Pictures, Buena Vista International, Deutsches National Theater, Weimar, Tricycle and Brix theatre in London.

The ethos of this new service is to concentrate on helping the writer to succeed in today’s market, bringing him or her closer to an option or a sale.

The turnaround time is the standard three to five weeks, as it is with our manuscript assessment service.

The screenplays need to be written in standard industry format. You can learn how to format your script here.

Film Scripts
Submit 30 pages or less a for a short film assessment. Submit up to 110 pages for a feature film assessment. Screenplays over 110 pages will only be read by special arrangement. (We discourage anything longer as it is unlikely to find a market.)

Television scripts 
We will gladly read and analyse spec scripts, project proposals and bibles for TV. But we would prefer to discuss what you want to achieve before reading and analysing them.

We welcome theatre scripts for appraisal.

Sam and Simon will also host workshops for writers in film, TV, theatre and radio as part of our extended service. There will also be an opportunity to gain one-to-one advice in special clinics. Further newsletters and website information will provide updates about workshop and clinic events.

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