Learn how to self-edit your manuscript

October 24th, 2015, Warrington

workshops-bigLorena Goldsmith helps writers not only to write better fiction, but to improve what they have already written. As a literary consultant and fiction editor, over the years, she has identified the most common flaws in writing fiction as well as developed constructive techniques on how to improve existent writing – all collected in her book, Self-editing Fiction that Sells, published by How to Books.

In this full-day workshop, Lorena will share her experiences as an editor and literary consultant, and offer invaluable tips that you can apply to your own writing. During the workshop, she’ll give advice on how to tackle flawed plots, unengaging scenes, lack of atmosphere, telling not showing, characters that fail to convince and a narrative that lacks drive, as well as offer tools on how to develop a market-awarness and target the right agents and publishers for your fiction.

Course content
What is bad writing and how can we identify it in our own manuscript?
How to define success for a fiction book
How can a plot go wrong?
Fixing bad narrative: point of view, tense, pace, narrative drive (‘the itch that can’t be scratched)
Fixing bad style: show, don’t tell, adjectivitis & adverbiatis, overwriting
Fixing characterisation: stereotypes, carboards, inconsistent, underdeveloped and overdeveloped characters
How to avoid unengaging scenes: setting, atmosphere
Basic copy preparation
Marketability: how to identify the exactly right agents and editors for your fiction

This course is for you if you:
are a writer taking his or her writing seriously and looking to get published
are a writer willing to improve his or her own writing and become market-aware

What’s included
A free copy of Self-editing Fiction that Sells for every delegate to take home
Buffet lunch
Discount voucher on editorial services from Daniel Goldsmith Associates

Tutor profile
Lorena Goldsmith has worked as a literary consultant for Daniel Goldsmith Associates since 2007, as well as the commissioning editor at Aston Bay Press, part of Daniel Goldsmith Associates. Lorena wrote a monthly column on self-editing fiction in Writing Magazine and her guide, Self-editing Fiction that sells was published by How to Books (part of Little, Brown Group). Lorena is also the main contributor at, a resource of free articles and videos for fiction writers seeking to improve the quality of their manuscripts through structured editing and rewriting.

The workshop is based at Daniel Goldsmith Associates’ offices in the centre of Warrington, half-way between Manchester and Liverpool and a ten-minute walk from two train stations.

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